EDF and other responses to proposals for further reform of Judicial Review

The government consultation on potential measures for the further reform of Judicial Review (JR) ran from 6 September to 1 November 2013. It follows an earlier consultation that closed in January 2013.

This consultation exercise included exploring the potential for reform in ‘the use of JR to resolve disputes relating to the public sector equality duty and whether there are suitable alternatives’.

The Public Law Project published a briefing on the proposals in October 2013.

In a blog in October for the UK Constitutional Law Group, Varda Bondy and Maurice Sunkin ask ‘How Many JRs are too many?’

The Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF), its members, NGO observers and other organisations responded to the consultation:

EDF response (Word)

Equality and Human Rights Commission response (Word)

Inclusion London response (Word)

NCVO response

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