JRF report: ‘Rewarding work for low-paid workers’

More than half the people experiencing poverty in the UK live in households where at least one person is in work. The face of poverty in the UK is changing – approaches to tackling the problem must change too.

JRF’s latest report, Rewarding work for low-paid workers, looks at what employers can do to reduce poverty rates among their workforce, alongside paying the living wage. It explores whether there is a business case for employers to:

  • use structured recruitment and line management practices;
  • develop clear and structured career progression;
  • provide training to facilitate job progression;
  • offer flexible working; and
  • offer fringe benefits to help with the costs of living, such as discount voucher schemes and help with childcare and travel costs.

The report also looks particularly at the case of the care sector.

This report is part of JRF’s Anti-poverty employer programme, which is exploring the role of employers in tackling poverty.

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