JRF blog: Here’s how the Government can release renters from mounting pressure

Renters tend to work for sectors that are currently struggling due to the impact of the pandemic, and are consequently being pushed into rent arrears with no support, at a time of continued uncertainty surrounding their eviction rights. The Government can do the right thing this Budget and quickly ease these pressures by:

  • Supporting renters in hard-hit sectors to keep their jobs by ensuring that if a business must close, or is restricted by social distancing requirements, access to the full furlough scheme is maintained.
  • Tackling the issue of high levels of rent arrears by directing immediate financial support to renters in arrears by boosting the funding for Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) and tweaking the way they are set up and administered.
  • Providing renters with security by urgently reinstating a watertight eviction ban until the lockdowns are over, without announcing arbitrary dates for this protection to be cut off.

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