Joseph Rowntree Foundation report: Work and Relationships Over Time in Lone-Mother Families

What makes employment possible for low-income lone mothers? And what is it like for children to grow up in a low-income family with a working lone parent?

A July 2017 report (pdf) from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation explores these issues, through the experiences of 15 families interviewed four times since 2002.

This research provides new evidence on what it means for families to have a lone-mother who is employed, managing work and family life, often on a low income, for long periods of time.

The report finds that:

  1. Between 2002 – 2007, the mothers made multiple job moves as they sought to get established in work
  2. Former partners were rarely part of the picture, and domestic violence cast a long shadow over many mothers’ and children’s lives
  3. The experiences of these families show how difficult it can be to embed security. For many, low-paid work made building up resources difficult and the women had little to cushion them from life events, such as health problems, family care needs, and retirement.

Read findings (pdf) or the full report (pdf).

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