Joseph Rowntree Foundation report: UK Poverty 2019/20

‘We need to increase the amount of low-cost housing available for families on low incomes, and increase support for people with high housing costs’.

This is according to the Joseph Rowntree’s annual report on the nature and scale of poverty across the UK and how it affects people who are caught in its grip.

The report finds:

  • Over the last five years, poverty rates have risen for children and pensioners. Poverty rates are highest in London, the North of England, Midlands and Wales, and lowest in the South (excluding London), Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Around 56% of people in poverty are in a working family, compared with 39% 20 years ago
  • The risk of poverty has risen for workers in families with children, but there has been little change for workers in families without children
  • Housing is least affordable for households in poverty in London, the South East and the East of England, and is most affordable in Northern Ireland.

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