Joint letter: Women’s Rights at Risk after Brexit

Post-Brexit, we will be the only country in Europe where politicians will be free to remove and diminish hard-won rights, especially for women and minority groups.

This is according to a joint letter on Brexit and women’s rights by female parliamentarians, businesswomen and campaigners published in the Guardian in June 2018.

The letter states that the removal of EU treaties and the charter of fundamental rights from UK law is a real risk for the future of women’s rights and for people from all walks of life.

It argues that this is why people must be given the chance to vote on the final Brexit deal.

Signatories include:

Nina de Ayala Parker Women’s rights activist
Tulip Siddiq MP Labour, Kilburn and Hampstead
Jessica Simor QC Specialist in public/regulatory, EU and human rights law
Fiona Millar Journalist and campaigner on education and parenting issues
Gina Miller Business woman, transparency campaigner
Bonnie Greer Playwright, novelist, critic and broadcaster
Eloise Todd CEO, Best for Britain
Caroline Lucas MP Brighton Pavilion and Green party Leader
Patience Weatcroft Conservative, House of Lords
Schona Jolly QC Specialist in human rights and equalities law
Women Against Brexit

Read the letter in full.

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