Joint Committee for Human Rights call for evidence: Priority Bills 2016-17

The Joint Committee for Human Rights released a call for evidence for Priority Bills in 2016-17 in June 2016.

The Committee considers that four Bills in the Government’s Legislative Programme for 2015-16 are likely to raise particularly significant human rights issues:

  • Counter Extremism and Safeguarding Bill
  • Investigatory Powers Bill
  • Policing and Crime Bill
  • Prison and Courts Reform Bill

Submissions of no more than 1,500 words are invited from interested groups and individuals on:

  • Any significant human rights issues raised or likely to be raised by each of the Bills identified above; and
  • Whether the Bills could do more to enhance the protection of human rights

Short submissions drawing the Committee’s attention to human rights issues raised by any other Bills in the Government’s legislative programme are also welcome.

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