Ipsos MORI survey findings: Human Rights in 2018

41% of Britons think everyone in Britain enjoys the same basic human rights, whereas 35% disagree.

This is according to research on human rights by Ipsos MORI, published in July 2018, which shows that Britain is split on whether human rights abuse in the UK is a problem.

Key findings include:

  • The majority of Britons (80%) agree that it is important to have a law that protects human rights in Britain compared with just 6% who don’t.
  • Almost six in ten Britons (58%) say that laws protecting human rights make a positive difference to their lives, compared with 1 in 20 who think they have a negative impact, and three in ten (30%) who say they make no difference.
  • The majority of Brits (63%) think that some people take unfair advantage of human rights.
  • 52% say they know a great deal or fair amount about human rights compared with 43% who say they know very little or nothing at all.

The statistics also include international comparisons across the 28 countries where the survey was conducted.

Kully Kaur-Ballagan, Research Director at Ipsos MORI said:

Human rights are seen as important and the majority of the British public values them, yet there is a sense that not everyone in the country enjoys the same universal basic human rights.

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