Ipsos MORI report: Review of research on Muslims in Britain

‘The vast majority (94%) of Muslims feel able to practice their religion freely in Britain, and most believe that Islam is compatible with the British way of life.’

This is from the February 2018 report review by Ipsos MORI on Muslims in Britain.

The report finds:

  • Muslims are more likely than the rest of the public to believe that being active in politics can bring benefits, although many feel they have little influence over the decisions that affect them. Young Muslims are the most likely to have participated in some form of political activism
  • Three in five (63%) Muslims from minority ethnic groups think there is more prejudice against Muslims than against other religious groups, a perception that is especially widespread among young Muslims and graduates
  • Most (57%) of the British public do not feel that they have much knowledge or understanding of Islam, and surveys confirm that misconceptions are often widespread.

Read the full report (pdf).

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