Inclusion London report: Abandoned, forgotten and ignored – the impact of Covid 19 on Disabled people

Over 60% of Disabled people questioned said they had struggled to access food, medicine and necessities. This is from the June 2020 report from Inclusion London (pdf).

This report highlights the effects of discrimination and inequality on Disabled people during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The report finds:

  • Over 35% of respondents talked about increasing levels of psychological distress. The lockdown has increased levels of anxiety, confusion, and fear for many Disabled people
  • Public health information and government guidance have to be accessible, unambiguous and concise. If it is confusing Disabled people cannot take the necessary decisions to isolate safely, purchase food or access health and public services
  • Disabled people feel abandoned and neglected. While we have come across local authorities who are working closely with Disabled people, this does not appear to be widespread.

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