Inclusion London report: Poor police response, disabled victims of hate crime

Inclusion London has published a new report Poor police response report, disabled victims of hate crime (pdf) .The launch of this report coincided with the International Day of Disabled People, 3rd December 2021. The report finds a systemic failure by the Metropolitan Police and other UK police forces in their response to hate crime against Disabled victims.

The report brings together an overview to provide context, London-wide case studies, UK-wide experience, and analysis. It also offers recommendations to improve outcomes for Disabled victims of hate crime when reporting to police.

key findings:

  • In their survey, all the organisations supporting Disabled victims of hate crime said they had experienced a poor response from the Metropolitan Police with multiple cases.
  • Poor responses were London-wide.
  • Similar poor responses have been reported across the UK.
  • Poor responses mean victims are less likely to report again.
  • Disabled community have extremely low confidence in the police.
  • Evidence to suggest Disablist attitudes held by police officers.

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