Inclusion London appeal: #Transport Justice

Inclusion London have launched an August 2018 campaign to raise money to fund, and organise support to end disability discrimination on public transport.

Help them achieve #TransportJustice for Disabled people.

Inclusion London have teamed up with Disabled activists and other DDPOs and lawyers in setting up the #transport Justice campaign and a crowd funding appeal to raise money to pay for legal costs, court fees and insurance to enable Disabled people to get legal advice and representation in cases which have potential to change policy or practice.

Anne Wafula Strike, Paralympian and disability rights activist, states:

I am a Paralympian and disability rights activist. I travel around the country regularly by train. As a wheelchair user, traveling can be a frustrating and sometimes humiliating experience. I often face problems with getting on and off trains and not having access to a working toilet.

Find out more about the campaign and pledge.

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