Debora Singer: Human Rights Film and Citizenship Education Pack

Debora Singer is a trainer for Amnesty International and produces films on the Human Rights Act for her workshops.

Singer’s films highlight the importance of the Human Rights Act for ordinary people.  Her latest film, directed by Nick Pilton, is The Boy Who Changed The Law.

It tells the story of a 17-year-old from London, detained by the police for twelve hours without being allowed to phone his Mum. He goes on to use the Human Rights Act to change the law for other young people, a change that benefits 75,000 children each year.

With support from Jon Meier, Singer has also produced an education pack for KS4-5 citizenship. It includes:

  1. The Boy Who Changed the Law
  2. Background paper for teachers
  3. Activities sheet
  4. Discussion points
  5. Game

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