Human Rights Consortium Scotland report: Human rights for all – some recommendations for the Scottish Human Rights Bill on protecting migrants’ human rights

The report (pdf) finds that the new human rights framework in Scotland needs to mean more rights realised for everybody, including those not born there. The overarching message of the report is: Scotland’s new human rights framework must make sure that the principle of respect for human dignity applies to all without restriction.

Over the past year, the Consortium has been working with civil society organisations in the migration sector. They have been exploring what is necessary to ensure that the upcoming enhanced Scottish human rights framework improves the realisation of rights for people who have migrated to Scotland.

This report summarises some of the key points raised throughout this project.

The recommendations include:

  • The Bill must explicitly state that the rights protected within apply to everyone in Scotland.
  • There should be duties on public bodies to make sure that services linked to these rights are available to all – without any reference to immigration status.
  • Calls for migrant rights-holders and migrants’ rights organisations to be directly involved in the development of the Bill at every stage.

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