Human Rights Consortium report: Rights at Risk – Brexit, Human Rights and Northern Ireland

‘EU and EEA migrants living in Northern Ireland are facing high levels of fear and uncertainty around their status and rights in the aftermath of Brexit’.

This is according to the January 2018 report (pdf) from the Human Rights Consortium on the human rights implications of Brexit in Northern Ireland.

The report finds:

  • The UK government has already identified that the Charter of Fundamental Rights will not be carried over into UK law via the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and this will create a human rights gap in local law
  • The EU has supported large programmes for cross border environmental cooperation and rural development, and Brexit risks these projects and the loss of any such funding could have a devastating impact on rural life and the environment
  • There is a real fear that the impacts of welfare austerity, combined with the disruption to business caused by Brexit could destabilise Northern Ireland’s economy and lead to a drop in living standards.

Read the full report (pdf).

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