House of Commons research briefing: Women in Parliament and Government

Globally, the UK’s 30% ratio for women in the House of Commons puts it 49th in ranked list.

This is according to the February 2018 briefing from the House of Commons Library on women in Parliament and Government.

The report gives data on women’s participation in UK politics across Parliament and local government, including a timeline on women’s ‘firsts’ and international comparisons.

The report finds:

  • 208 female MPs were elected during the 2017 General Election – a record high and 32% of all MPs
  • Just over one-third (36%) of members in the Scottish Parliament are women, compared to just over two-fifths (42%) of members of National Assembly for Wales and 30% of Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • 32% of local authority councillors in England are women, as of 2013

Read the full report (pdf).

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