House of Commons Library research briefing: Mental Health Statistics in England – Prevalence, Services and Funding

Those identifying as Black or Black British are 13% more likely than average to have accessed services in 2016/17. Those identifying as White British are 3% more likely than average to have accessed services.

This is according to an April 2018 research briefing published by the House of Commons on mental health in England (pdf).

The research briefing provides statistics on the prevalence of mental health, provision and effectiveness of services and funding across England.

The report finds:

  • An estimated 1 in 6 people experienced a ‘common mental disorder’ like depression or anxiety in the past week
  • 1 million people were in contact adult mental health services as of December 2017
  • Those identifying as Asian or Asian British are one-third less likely than average to be in contact with mental health and learning disability services.
  • In 2016/17 it’s estimated that 45,864 people were detained under the Mental Health Act
  • Younger people, people in deprived areas, and people with disabilities are all less likely to recover from their condition after therapy.

Read the full report (pdf).


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