House of Commons Library briefing paper: Migration Statistics

614,000 people migrated into the UK and 344,000 people emigrated from it, leaving an estimated net migration figure of +271,000.

These figures are for the year ending March 2018, according to a Commons Library briefing paper on migration statistics.

It states that in the year ending December 2017:

  • 6.2 million people were living in the UK who had the nationality of a different country (9% of the total population).
  • 3.8 million EU nationals (excluding UK) were living in the UK.
  • 785,000 UK nationals were living in other EU countriesexcluding Ireland.

Work was the most common main reason for immigration (41%), and formal study was the second most common (31%).

The UK’s migrant population is concentrated in London – around 36% of people living in the UK who were born abroad live in the capital city.

Read the full briefing.

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