House of Commons Library briefing paper: Brexit – Trade issues for food and agriculture

The future of UK trade policy after Brexit is of great importance to food consumers as well as to farmers and other food producers.

This is according to a November 2019 briefing from the House of Commons on the future of trade policy after Brexit, and how it could affect the availability, price and quality of food.

This briefing finds that:

  • The UK exports around £22 billion of food and animal feed, and imports some £47 billion worth of food each year, therefore effective trade policies underpin the profitability and security of the agri-food sectors.
  • Farmers and the food industry have strongly urged against a no-deal Brexit, because of concerns about the impact on the sector’s prospects of changes to tariffs and regulatory checks.
  • Stakeholders have expressed concerns that future trade might allow divergence in the standard applied to food production in areas such as food safety and animal welfare.
  • Farmers express concern on EU imposing third country tariffs on UK exports, and the impact this can have on their ability to sell products at competitive prices.
  • The UK Government believe there are potential opportunities to develop the agri-food sector after Brexit. Having the flexibility to change food labelling after Brexit and, securing Geographical protections for UK product names are highlighted as way in which to develop the market post-Brexit.

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