House of Commons briefing paper: Universal Credit Roll-out 2018-19

Just under 7 million households are expected to receive Universal Credit when it is fully introduced. As of December 2017; roll-out was 11% complete.

The June 2018 House of Commons briefing paper gives a detailed overview of Universal Credit (UC), which is replacing social security benefits and tax credits for working age people, and the progress of its roll-out to date.

The paper notes that the roll-out of UC has been delayed many times, and progress varies considerably between constituencies (from 3% in Hayes and Harlington to 43% in Croydon Central), but the pace is accelerating again.

As of December 2017, households on UC made up around:

  • 52% of households claiming unemployment support
  • 10% of working-age households claiming support for housing
    (i.e. for rent)
  • 5% of households with children claiming means-tested support
  • 2% of households claiming support for an incapacity.

The report states that 75% of households currently on UC are single adult households with no children. However, the proportion of UC claimants with children is expected to rise once the Full Service is launched.

It also states that around 39% of all jobcentres across Great Britain were operating the UC Full Service as of March 2018. And according to the latest DWP plans, it will be made available in every part of the UK by December 2018.

Find out more about the research briefing  or Download the research briefing (pdf).

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