Hope not Hate report: Fear and hope 2019

‘We are divided on identity issues, our trust in the political system and in public institutions is at an all-time low, and we are overwhelmingly a country of pessimists.’

This is from a July 2019 report from Hope not Hate as part of their ongoing analysis of British society and social attitudes.

The report finds that:

  • Becoming a ‘leaver’ or ‘remainer’ has become a key part of identity politics, a label to which many feel an emotional bond.
  • There’s a growing ‘culture war’ between those who celebrate diversity and those who perceive growing diversity as a challenge to their own position in the world.
  • Conservative party members show worrying beliefs in Islamophobic myths, don’t want a Muslim to be Prime Minister, and overwhelmingly reject the idea that the Conservative Party has a problem with this issue.
  • The British public now consider the far right the greatest threat to public order, above Islamist extremism.
  • The importance placed on tackling climate change by the public has rapidly jumped, following high profile campaigns.

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