Homeless Link resource: Migrant Destitution Toolkit

Homeless Link launched a Migrant Destitution Toolkit in November 2016. The toolkit offers practical support to improve pathways out of destitution for destitute migrants.

Migrant destitution in England is rising, and for migrants who find themselves destitute and with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) there are limited services available. Mainstream services struggle to provide effective support for those outside of the welfare state, yet destitute migrants remain extremely vulnerable. Homelessness services need to act now to build partnerships with migrant destitution services and work together to support undocumented and destitute migrants off the streets of the UK. This toolkit provides a practical framework for building closer partnerships and collaboration between frontline homelessness services and migrant support agencies. Through coordination, cross-fertilisation and access to good quality legal advice, both sectors can offer solutions to this growing humanitarian problem.

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