Home Office consultation outcome: Windrush compensation

The Home Office have published their response to the consultation and impact assessment to the Windrush Compensation Scheme consultation paper.

The government proposes:

  • To accept claims from grandchildren of Commonwealth citizens where the parent and grandchild was either born in the UK or arrived in the UK before the age of 18 and the grandchild has been continuously resident in the UK since their birth or arrival, and the grandparent was a Commonwealth citizen settled in the UK before 1 January 1973 or has the right of abode (or met these criteria but is now a British citizen).
  • To accept claims from close family members, of an eligible claimant, in relation to impacts on their life due to the difficulties experienced with immigration status. This may include family separation which has a lasting, and detrimental impact on family members. In some circumstances, we will also consider claims where there is evidence of certain direct financial losses suffered by close family members
  • To retain the discretion to withhold or reduce an award if a claimant has a record of serious criminality.

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