HM Treasury policy paper: Budget 2021 documents

The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his Budget to Parliament on 3 March 2021. This is the Budget in full and supporting documents.

Distributional analysis

This document sets out the distributional impact on households of tax, welfare and public service spending decisions announced since Spending Round 2019. It also presents analysis of the wider economic context, focusing on trends in employment, earnings and household incomes – this includes estimates of the impacts of COVID-19 on working households’ incomes, as of the end of November 2020, according to emerging household survey data.

Policy costings

This document sets out the assumptions and methodologies used in the government’s costing of policy decisions announced since Spending Review 2020. For each decision it contains a description of the measure, the base, and the methodology for the costing (including relevant adjustments for behavioural responses). It highlights main areas of additional uncertainty.

Data sources

This document details all of the data sources used throughout the Budget 2021 document. In order to be transparent, it informs readers of the Budget 2021 document where the data used in the charts, tables and text comes from and how it has been calculated.

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