Higher Education Policy Institute report: The white elephant in the room – ideas for reducing racial inequality in higher education

‘Racial inequality is in danger of being an accepted fact in higher education’ says the September 2019 report from the Higher Education Policy Institute.

This report (pdf) comes up with ideas to reduce racial inequality in higher education and makes a number of policy recommendations.

The collection of essays recommends:

  • Acknowledge and own the problem: The entrenched habits of silence and denial so eloquently anatomised in Reni Edo Lodge’s Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race need to be laid to rest.
  • Do not dodge difficult conversations about the curriculum: The taught curriculum is a problem in History. Both BME and white pupils in schools find the A-Level curriculum a disincentive for further study with its salient silences – on the British empire for example.
  • Know the law: Over a third (34.1 per cent) of respondents to the race report were unaware of the 2010 Equality Act and its provisions.

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