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This online handbook is for welfare benefits advisers and others working in community groups and advice organisations.  And for advice managers who wish to develop and improve the discrimination advice that their organisation provides.

This handbook will help you use practical equality rights when giving welfare benefits advice.  It includes a variety of tips, tools and guidance. These are designed to help:

  • advisers and those working in community and other advice organisations to identify discrimination issues and know where to get more help
  • advisers working in welfare benefits advice to effectively apply the Equality Act and Human Rights Act in everyday situations
  • more advisers to give discrimination advice, so that more people will get the advice they need to solve their problems
  • advisers and advice managers to improve the discrimination advice that welfare benefits advisers can give.

You can also download a Quick Guide to the handbook (pdf)

The handbook is arranged in four main sections:

The handbook also contains:

Everyday Equality conference, London, May 2018 – resources

On 10 May 2018 we held our Everyday Equality conference in London to launch our online handbook: Practical Equality Rights in Welfare Benefits Advice. At the event, we heard many brilliant insights about the challenges and opportunities of using equality rights in welfare benefits advice. Find out more.

Below are the presentations and papers available from the day to share with you.

Author: Various

Publication date: 29 May 2018

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