Government report: ‘Findings from the Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications’

The 2013 Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications (SETA) indicates that the requirement to pay a fee is a factor influencing the decision to go to tribunal.

This is the sixth in a series aiming to provide information on the characteristics of the parties in, and the key features of, employment tribunal (ET) cases. The headline aims of the 2013 study were:

  • To obtain information on the characteristics of employment tribunal claimants and employers.
  • To assess the costs of going to tribunals for claimants and employers;
  • To monitor the performance of the employment tribunal claim process;

Since 29th July 2013, claimants who make a new employment tribunal claim have been required to pay a fee when doing so. The claims covered by the SETA 2013 survey were not subject to fees, however, claimants were asked about whether a fee of £250 for making the application would have influenced their decision to go to tribunal. The perception of about half of claimants (49 per cent) was that a claim fee of £250 would have influenced their decision.

The research was published in June 2014.

For further items about the introduction of employment tribunal fees and research on its impact, search for ‘tribunal fees’ in the search box in the left-hand menu.

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