Global Future report: 100,000 Carers Missing

‘Ending freedom of movement for EU workers could lead to 115,000 fewer social care staff by 2026’ says the August 2018 report from  Global Future.

This report makes the case for continuing free movement for low-skilled European workers seeking work in our adult social care sector.

100,000 Carers Missing highlights that:

  • 17% of social care staff in England – around 222,000 workers – are from overseas, with the number of EU care staff rising and the number of non-EU care staff, who are subject to strict immigration controls, falling over the last five years.
  • There is currently one care worker for every 3.4 people aged over 75: to keep this ratio the same as the population ages, our care sector will need to employ an additional 380,000 staff by 2026 – but the sector is currently adding just 18,000 British workers a year.
  • With new immigration restrictions and without a step-change in social care recruitment, the over-75 to care worker ratio is expected to hit 4.3 in 2026.

Read the full report on the global future website.

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