Friends, Families and Travellers briefing: ‘We Look After Our Own’: Dementia in Gypsy and Traveller Communities

Of those surveyed, 20% of Gypsies and Travellers said that they would not see a doctor if they or a family member had one or more of the symptoms of dementia.

This is according to the July 2018 briefing (pdf) from the  Friends, Families and Travellers on dementia in Gypsy and Traveller communities.

The research centers on the awareness of the symptoms of dementia and the awareness of ways to reduce the risk of dementia. It also aims to find out more about the access to care and support for dementia.

The briefing finds:

  • Whilst the majority of those surveyed identified forgetfulness and confusion as signs of dementia, only 65% recognised that changes in behaviour which are out of character is a sign of dementia
  • 55% of the participants said that they did not know that eating healthily, doing more physical activities or managing existing healthcare could help to reduce the risk of dementia
  • Of those surveyed, over 55% said that if someone in the Gypsy or Traveller community was diagnosed with dementia, they would not let someone from outside of the community to care for them.

Read the full briefing (pdf).

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