Follow-up report on disability hate crime

The Joint Review of Disability Hate Crime Follow-up report was published by the Criminal Justice Joint Inspectorates in May 2015.

In March 2013 the Chief Inspectors of the criminal justice inspectorates published Living in a different world: Joint review of disability hate crime, their first joint review of how the police, CPS and probation trusts dealt with disability hate crime. This called for a new impetus from the three agencies and seven recommendations were made to improve performance. Whilst acknowledging the complexities involved, it was hoped that the opportunity would be taken to adapt and change the criminal justice system to provide an improved service.

This follow-up review has undertaken an assessment of the progress that has been made against the seven recommendations and concludes that performance has not improved sufficiently. The number of reports of disability hate crimes to the police remains disappointingly low and there has been a failure to universally embed good working practices relating to disability hate crime by the police, CPS and probation service providers.

In the absence of the improvement in handling of disability hate crime by the three agencies, disability hate crime will remain a high priority within the work of Criminal Justice Joint Inspection.

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