Fawcett’s ‘Sex Equality: State of the Nation 2016 report’

Sex Equality: State of the Nation 2016 report was published by the Fawcett Society in January 2016.

The report summarises the findings of the first stage of our poll of 8,000 people. It reveals:

a ‘pro-equality majority’, with most people supporting equality of opportunity for women with men. Perhaps most surprisingly, that support is highest amongst men. Elsewhere, the poll also reveals that the majority of people in the UK believe that equality for women and men would be good for the economy and that many – including a high proportion of men – believe they would personally benefit from equality.

Fawcett also published a timeline, documenting the progress of women’s rights in the last 150 years to mark Fawcett’s 150th anniversary in 2016.

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