Fawcett’s legal case against the budget

On 6 December 2010, the Fawcett Society was refused permission to challenge the legality of the government’s emergency budget. Mr Justice Ouseley ruled the application ‘unarguable – or academic’ and dismissed it. However, Ceri Goddard, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society stated that ‘While we are disappointed not to have been granted a judicial review of the budget, we are pleased the government has today heard that budgetary decisions are not above equality law – and that a court of law agreed with us that the government’s economic processes need to be looked at again’. In August, the Fawcett society lodged papers seeking a judicial review of the budget, after the Treasury failed to provide evidence that they had assessed whether budget proposals would increase or reduce inequality between women and men – as is required under equality law.

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