Fawcett Society campaign: Make Misogyny a Recorded Hate Crime for every Police Force

‘Categorising misogyny as a hate crime won’t end violence against women, but if we can challenge the normalisation of these attitudes on our streets and in public life we can challenge violence against women and girls in wider society.’

This is taken from a July 2018 open letter to the National Police Chiefs Council by Fawcett Society, Citizens UK, senior faith leaders and NGOs which asks for misogyny to be recognised as a hate crime.

The letter coincides with the release of a new 2-year study by Nottingham’s Women Centre which reveals the success of Nottinghamshire Police’s decision to become the first police force in the UK to record misogyny as a hate crime.

This research found that found nearly half of women in the city had experienced unwanted sexual advances, groping and over a quarter experienced indecent exposure.

Sam Smethers, CEO of Fawcett Society said:

Misogyny is so widespread it has become normalised in our society. As a result women are routinely objectified and harassed. Unless we challenge it, this won’t change. We have to start calling misogyny out for what it is – a hate crime.

Read more about the campaign, study, and open letter.

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