Fawcett Society briefing: #MeToo One Year On – What’s Changed?

‘For the majority of people, #MeToo has shifted social norm’ says the October 2018 briefing (pdf) from the Fawcett Society on the impact of the  #MeToo movement.

This research quantifies the powerful, disruptive impact that the ensuing #MeToo movement has had in the UK.

The paper finds:

  • A year on from #MeToo, 36% of women, and the same proportion of men, had both heard of the campaign and could correctly identify its aim
  • 31% of people have had a conversation with someone of the opposite sex about sexual harassment
  • Women across social divides have been calling out unacceptable behaviour
    – this change has not been restricted to “elites”
  • 34% of women agreed that they had had a conversation about sexual harassment with other women, slightly fewer than the 41% who disagreed.

Read the briefing (pdf).


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