Fawcett Society blog: 5 steps every employer can take to close their gender pay gap

The Fawcett Society has published a blog providing insight and guidance for employers looking to create productive and thriving workplaces and close their gender pay gap.

Fawcett’s campaigning led to the introduction of gender pay gap reporting, introduced by UK Government in 2017, to ensure that big employers took responsibility for tackling the gender pay gap in their organisation. The mandatory reporting scheme makes public the pay inequalities that are ultimately responsible for the persistent gender pay gap in the UK and has encouraged thousands of employers to take serious action to improve gender inequality in the workplace.  

At a time when the labour market is particularly tight, taking action to close the gender pay gap makes an organisation more attractive to work for, particularly for women. Polling by the Equality and Human Rights Commission shows that nearly two thirds of women take the gender pay gap into account when considering applying to a new job, and that 58% of women would be less likely to recommend their present employer if they had a pay gap.  

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