Fawcett Society and YESS Law campaign: Stand up for equal pay now!

‘When pay secrecy thrives in the workplace, so can pay discrimination. I found that out the hard way.’

This is from former BBC China editor Carrie Gracie, in support of a November 2018 crowdfunding campaign on gender pay equality launched by the Fawcett Society and YESS Law.

The campaign aims to provide hundreds of women on low incomes with free equal pay advice, and is aiming to raise £20,000. Services they hope to fund include:

  • Initial phone calls with YESS Law to asses individual cases
  • Informing those on low incomes about how to fight for their rights at work
  • Free legal advice and case write-ups
  • Detailed consultations with a qualified lawyer.

Find out more and donate to the crowdfunder here.

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