Exiting the European Union Committee report: UK and EU Citizens’ Rights after Brexit are Far from a Done Deal

The Exiting the European Union Committee have published a July 2018 report on UK and EU citizens’ rights after Brexit.

It calls for urgent clarification from the EU27 on the status of UK citizens in each Member State, the application processes and what will happen in the event of a ‘no deal’.

Recommendations include:

  1. The UK needs to secure ongoing free movement for UK citizens currently resident in the EU
  2. We want more clarity on the EU27’s preparations for regularising status for these UK citizens
  3. The Government needs to reach out to EU citizens in the UK and widely communicate the process to secure legal settled status
  4. If citizens get settled status (the right to remain), they should be issued with a physical document

Hilary Benn MP, Chair of the Committee said:

Whatever happens with the negotiations, we urge all Governments to make it clear to all EU citizens who have made somewhere else their home, that they can stay.

Read the report in full.

See the recommendations in the @CommonsEUexit Twitter Story.

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