EVAW report on social media and violence against women and girls

New Technology: Same Old Problems. Report of a roundtable on social media and violence against women and girls was published by the End Violence Against Women Coalition in December 2013.

On 16 July 2013, the End Violence Against Women (EVAW) Coalition and The Guardian held a roundtable discussion looking at the relationship between social media and violence against women and girls (VAWG) and specifically, the way that VAWG is perpetrated via social media. Participants included journalists, lawyers, women’s groups, campaigners, civil servants, and academics. The purpose of the event was to explore the links between social media and abuse, and to produce real solutions to the problems discussed.

The event was held in response to numerous high-profile recent cases in which social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have played a role in either the direct or indirect abuse of women and girls, including where sexist and misogynistic images are created and shared between other users. At the same time there has been an explosion of feminist campaigning against violence against women that uses social media a key tool for disseminating positive messages widely.

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