European Commission consultation: Promoting Social Inclusion and Shared Values Through Learning

The European Commission has launched a May 2017 consultation on social inclusion and shared values for young people. And in particular, how education and non-formal learning can help create more socially cohesive societies.

Submissions must be made by 11 August 2017.

The results of the  consultation, along with other research, will be used to establish a policy framework for Member States.

Contributions are particularly welcome from:

  • Education and training institutions
  • Teachers, educators and leaders of educational institutions
  • Civil society sector organisations
  • Public authorities at national, regional and local level
  • Youth organisations
  • Social partners
  • Pupils and students


  1. How successful are education and training in helping young people acquire shared values and promoting social inclusion? What are the key challenges? What objectives should be pursued in this context?
  2. Which are the most effective policy approaches, tools and methods in formal and non-formal learning?
  3. How can EU level cooperation in the fields of education and training add value and support Member States in the most effective way in promoting social inclusion and shared values through formal and non-formal learning?

Read more about the consultation and take the questionnaire.

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