European Agency for Fundamental Rights survey: European Union Minorities and Discrimination

The European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has published the results of its second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey in December 2017.

The report follows up and expands on FRA’s first major EU-wide survey on minorities’ and migrants’ experiences. The survey focuses on discrimination across the EU’s 27 member states and if there has been progress since the first survey in 2008.

The increasingly diverse nature of the population of the EU has triggered challenges to social cohesion and the need to research how established and new minorities are being affected.

The results show little progress compared to the first wave of the survey. Proportions of those experiencing discrimination, as well as physical violence and harassment motivated by hatred, and of those not aware of relevant legislation and possibilities for redress, remain at levels that raise serious concern. The Roma and those of African backgrounds, particularly second generation respondents, experience higher levels of discrimination,  harassment and violence motivated by hatred.

Read and download the full set of results.

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