Equally Ours response to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report

In light of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report, published on 31 March, we are re-iterating our commitment to tackling structural and institutional racism throughout our work. 

We know, and the evidence from our members proves, that not only is institutional racism real but tackling it is fundamental to creating the just and inclusive society that we all seek.

Without this acknowledgement the Government cannot meet its responsibility to build a better future for us all and the inequalities that the pandemic has brought into stark relief in housing, in health, in education, in criminal justice, in all aspects of life – will continue to lead to lost potential and, ultimately, lost lives. 

We know that the public want action. More than two thirds of UK adults want society to be more equal after Covid-19 and 61% believe that the Government should be doing more to tackle racism.

We, and the Government, know what needs to be done. We and many others have said this many times before. We need a comprehensive, cross government, race equality strategy. One grounded in evidence, facts and the lived experience of people subjected to racism.

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