Equally Ours report: Levelling Up – Firm Foundations

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We all want the UK to be a more equal, as well as a more prosperous society.

Our new report Levelling Up: Firm Foundations (pdf), written by Belinda Pratten and supported by The Legal Education Foundation, presents an evidence base and a narrative for ‘levelling up’ from an equality and human rights perspective.

Read the full report here (pdf)

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As we head towards the recovery phase of the pandemic, we have a real opportunity to level up the UK. We can tackle injustice and break down the barriers that prevent so many of us from reaching our potential.

We can achieve this by putting in place the firm foundations that will enable us to build back better, for the long term, improving opportunity and outcomes for everyone, where no-one is left behind.

This report outlines key recommendations that ensure we can all access our rights to a decent standard of living, enough food to eat, a secure home and a social security system that protects us in hard times.

We outline the foundations needed for a more equal and more compassionate society and an economy that works for everyone. We cannot level up the country and build back better without first putting these foundations in place.

We’d like to thank Equally Ours members who contributed to this research.

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