Equality Duty Support Package

We’ve designed these resources for voluntary and community organisations using the Equality Duty.

They can help you achieve your organisational objectives. And influence how public bodies meet their own responsibilities.

You can download each part, or get in touch if you’d like a different format.

Introduction (pdf)

Part One: influencing and engaging public bodies on the Equality Duty

Getting started – engaging with and influencing public bodies on the Equality Duty (pdf)

Effective relationships, language and tone for influencing on equality (pdf)

Using the Equality Duty to achieve your goals (pdf)

A short guide to equality frameworks used by public bodies (pdf)

Building partnerships and coalitions with other voluntary and community sector organisations to tackle inequality (pdf)

Part Two: using equality data to gauge equality performance and hold public bodies to account

Getting started – equality information and data (pdf)

Using equality information and data to hold public bodies to account (pdf)

Reviewing a public body’s performance on equality in service delivery – questions to consider (pdf)

Data you might look at or request from public bodies to help you hold them to account (pdf)

Where to find additional information (pdf)

 Part Three: tools

Analyse your data with this Data sets analysis tool (zip)

Guidance on using Data sets analysis tool (pdf)

Disaggregated data tool on police stop and search (zip)

Disaggregated data tool on GCSE results (zip)

Guidance on using the stop and search and GCSE tools (pdf)


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