Equality and Human Rights Commission response: Transforming the Response to Domestic Abuse

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have published their response to the consultation on transforming the response to domestic abuse (pdf), in May 2018.

The EHRC welcome the Government’s consultation on this issue and seek to ensure that the transformation of the response to domestic abuse is compliant with international and domestic human rights and equality standards.

Here’s some of their responses:

  • The EHRC agree that the statutory definition of domestic abuse should apply to both sexes, but urge the UK Government to highlight the disproportionate impact of domestic violence on women and girls within the text of the bill and in the statutory guidance
  • They agree that the current age limit of 16 should be maintained. Separate specific action should, however, be taken to prevent intimate partner or family violence affecting those under 16, in line with the requirements of the UN Child Rights Convention
  • A rights-based approach should be built into the school environment, by ensuring respect for individuals’ human rights within the curriculum, policy and practice
  • The EHRC urges the UK Government to undertake awareness-raising campaigns in colleges, universities and work places
  • In order for the UK Government to be compliant with the Istanbul Convention, it needs to develop and implement new provisions to protect and support all individuals who experience domestic abuse, regardless of their immigration status
  • Online abuse must be included in the statutory definition of domestic abuse, and highlighted in the statutory guidance.

Read the EHRC’s full response (pdf).

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