Equality and Human Rights Commission response: Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have published their response to the consultation on the Reform of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) (pdf), in October 2018.

The EHRC welcomes the UK Government’s consultation on proposed changes to the GRA to remove unnecessary barriers trans people currently face in obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) in England and Wales.

The paper finds:

  • The Commission considers that further research and consideration of the effects of changing legal sex on children and younger people is needed. They welcome the Government’s commitment to gather evidence on the issues faced by young people assigned female at birth who transition in adolescence.
  • The costs associated with applying for a GRC may pose additional barriers to young people, who are less likely to have the financial means to apply. Information on fee remission should be made more widely available.
  • Evidence suggests that there is a higher prevalence of disability within trans communities, so it is particularly important that the process for applying for a GRC is fully accessible to disabled people.

Read the full response (pdf).

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