Equality and Human Rights Commission report: Housing and Disabled People – Britain’s Hidden Crisis

Housing is the cornerstone of independent living, yet many disabled people live in homes that do not meet their requirements.

This is according to the May 2018 report on housing and disabled people in England, Wales and Scotland by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

The report finds that 1 in 3 disabled people in private rented properties live in unsuitable accommodation. And in England, only 7% of homes meet minimal accessibility requirements.

Disabled people can experience serious deterioration in their mental wellbeing as a result of living in unsuitable accommodation.

The EHRC’s research into housing and disability uncovered 4 major challenges:

  • Disabled people are demoralised and frustrated at the housing system
  • There is a chronic shortage of accessible homes
  • Installing home adaptations involves unacceptable bureaucracy and delay
  • Disabled people are not getting the support that they need to live independently.

Recommendations to meet these challenges fall into the following categories:

  • Building more accessible and adaptable homes
  • Improving the installation of home adaptations
  • Matching homes to the people who need them
  • Supporting people to live independently.

Find out more at the EHRC website.

Read the full report (pdf) or the executive summary (pdf).

The EHRC has also published statistics for housing and disability in England, Wales, and Scotland.

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