Equality and Diversity Forum briefing: EU (Withdrawal) Bill

It is essential that the Bill is strengthened to protect our current equality and human rights laws.

The Equality and Diversity Forum has published a June 2018 briefing on the EU (Withdrawal Bill).

The briefing urges MPs to address priority amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill in order to protect equality law.

These include:

  • The broad and unconstitutional use of delegated powers which puts equality legislation at risk – Amendment 4
  • The exclusion of consideration of the Charter of Fundamental Rights – Amendment 5
  • The way in which Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) judgments will be considered by domestic courts – Amendments 6 – 8
  • The ineffective scrutiny proposed for delegated powers – Amendments 10, 43, 45 & 110

See the House of Commons briefing paper on the amendments made to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. 

The Equality and Diversity Forum considers that the Bill contains extremely wide and extensive delegated powers. It is feared that these provisions could be used to change substantial aspects of our equality law.

Read the Equality and Diversity Forum briefing in full (pdf).

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