Equality Act 2010

On 8 April 2010, the Equality Bill received royal assent.

The Equality Act strengthens protection against discrimination by:

1. Introducing a new public sector duty to consider reducing socioeconomic inequalities;

2. Putting a new integrated Equality Duty on public bodies;

3. Using public procurement to improve equality;

4. Banning age discrimination outside the workplace;

5. Requiring gender pay and employment equality publishing;

6. Extending the scope to use positive action;

7. Strengthening the powers of employment tribunals;

8. Protecting carers from discrimination;

9. Clarifying the protection for breastfeeding mothers;

10. Banning discrimination in private members’ clubs;

11. Strengthening protection from discrimination for disabled people; and

12. Protecting people from dual discrimination – direct discrimination because of a combination of two protected characteristics.



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