EqualiTeach resource: Faith in Us – Educating Young People about Islamophobia

‘Many young Muslim people say abuse is so commonplace it is normalised, but teachers feel ill-equipped to tackle issues of Islamophobia in the classroom.’

This is according to the May 2018 report (pdf) from EqualiTeach, who have created a resource for primary and secondary school teachers to educate students about Islamophobia. 

The ‘Faith in Us’ resource includes:

  • Background information on the reality and impact of Islamophobia on both young people and wider society
  • Information on recurrent myths, stereotypes and misunderstandings; such as terrorism and women’s rights
  • Guidance on how to recognise and respond effectively to Islamophobic incidents
  • Lesson plans on Islamophobia

It aims to share good practice approaches and activities for educating about Islamophobia and support schools in their duty to engage with this issue.

Find out more about the resource.

Download ‘Faith in Us: Educating young people on Islamophobia’ (pdf).

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