ENAR shadow report: Racism and Discrimination in the Context of Migration in Europe

Over one million people sought refuge in the EU in 2015, a fivefold increase from 2014. Rising migrant numbers have been accompanied by increased anti-migrant feelings and a significant anti-EU sentiment.

Launched in May 2017, ENAR’s shadow report (pdf) focuses on racism and discrimination against migrants in Europe in 2015-2016.

The report notes that anti-migrant political discourse and exclusionary migration policies are having a disproportionate impact on racialised migrants. Migrants are increasingly the targets of racist violence and speech; and face discriminatory policies and attitudes hindering their access to the labour market.

ENAR Chair Amel Yacef said:

‘Migration is a human phenomenon and people will continue to look for security and better lives for themselves and their children and flee insecurity and abject poverty. There is no such thing as homogenous nation-states in Europe and until this is understood more clearly by EU Member States there will continue to be a problem with immigration and racism.’

Note:  ENAR’s Shadow Reports are produced yearly to fill gaps in  official and academic data, to offer an alternative to that data and to offer an NGO perspective on the realities of racism with the EU and its Member States. Find out more.

Read the full report (pdf) or the ENAR press release.

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